LAVA iris X1+ Batttery : Genuine LAVA iris X1+ battery compatible with LAVA iris X1+.

Battery Type : Lithium Ion Li-ion Technology.

Capacity : 2400 mAh, Standard size, Will charge with the standard charger supplied with your mobile phone.

Voltage : 3.7V

Charging limited voltage : 4.7V

Description : 1) Double protective IC with NTC PCB offer over-discharging, over-charging over-current and short circuit protection, more safeguard for using.

2) Gilded and flexible connecter, batter conductive properties, not easy to rust.

3) Safety and stable: Hi-tech lithium-ion battery, undergoes test.

4) Standby Time : 2-5days.

Competitive Advantage:


  • High capacity battery extends the standby time and talk time;
  • Dual IC protection design ensures the safety and extends the battery’s life cycle;
  • Environment-friendly materials minimize the contamination.

Our Batteries:

  • Quality Battery
    Dual Protection IC
  • Current protection PTC
  • Power control chip
  • FET (field-effect transistor)
  • Protection board PCM
  • Strong Battery
    Original electric circuit optimization
    Real capacity, no trick
    Quality high capacity battery ions
    Advanced protection devices
    Original manufacturing process
    Charge-discharge management platform
  • Safe Battery
    Anti-overcharge protection
    Anti-over discharge protection
    Against over-current protection
    Protection against short circuit
    Anti-explosion protection
  • Green Battery
    Lead-free Technology
    Recyclable packaging
    Low resistance and energy saving

Notices : 1.The battery must be fully recharged before use.

  1. A temporary short capacity of new battery will be resulted from not used for a long time,  it is normal, the total capacity will be reinstated via used for 3-5 times.
  2. When first get the battery, use it out, charge for 10 hours for the first three times, use it out again, then it only need to charge about 5 hours for normal use.
  3. Do not disassemble or change the structure of the battery.
  4. Do not put the battery in the charger too long.


Warning :

1 . Use original or reliable charge.
2 . Do not throw the battery into fire or water.
3 . To avoid keeping it at the temp above 45 degrees or it may cause explosion.
4 . Do not pressing it or dropping it from the high altitude.
5 . To prevent short circuit, never put it together with conductors, such as keys, coins, etc.
6 . Keep the battery in a cool and dry surrounding if it’s standby”.

Warranty : 8months

Packing List : 1XBattery

Additional information

Tivi Details

Connectivity Technology:Built-in Wi-Fi, Display Size: 85.0 inches, Display Technology:LED, Resolution: 4K


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